In a recent video update from Cinemaviva, Horacio introduces viewers to their latest addition: a cutting-edge full body green screen studio designed to meet diverse filming needs. This innovative setup allows for seamless background switching, making it ideal for capturing full-body shots with precision and flexibility.

The green screen technology employed at Cinemaviva’s studio enables creators to effortlessly switch backgrounds, catering to a wide array of video production requirements—from corporate presentations to creative projects and beyond. This versatility ensures that every video project can be visually compelling and tailored to its intended audience.

A highlight of the video is the studio’s use of AI technology to generate customizable backgrounds. This advanced feature empowers filmmakers with nearly limitless options, enhancing the visual impact and storytelling potential of their productions.

In addition to its AI capabilities, Cinemaviva provides access to a curated selection of pre-made virtual sets and templates sourced from top-tier stock footage libraries. This comprehensive resource ensures that clients have a variety of high-quality backgrounds readily available to enhance their projects.

Horacio concludes the video by inviting viewers to explore these exciting new capabilities firsthand. For those interested in booking a session or learning more about Cinemaviva’s services, reach out via phone at (800) 680-4613 or email at

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