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Medical Video Production
Elevating Medical Stories through Visionary Video Production

Professional Medical Video Production in San Diego

At Cinemaviva, we understand the intricate connection between the art of storytelling and the world of medicine. We specialize in crafting compelling visual narratives that bring medical breakthroughs, patient journeys, and healthcare innovations to life. As a premier medical video production company in San Diego, we pride ourselves on our ability to merge cutting-edge technology with creative expertise, resulting in videos that educate, inspire, and captivate.

Our Medical Video Production Expertise

With a deep-rooted passion for both healthcare and cinematic excellence, Cinemaviva stands at the forefront of medical video production. Our team of experienced professionals, including videographers, scriptwriters, and editors, collaborates seamlessly to produce videos that resonate with audiences in the medical field and beyond. We have over 10 years experience in  medical video production for clients such as the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA), Tower Medical, Axon and many more. 

We are well versed at producing Training videos for CME, Patient education videos, Medical Event Videos, as well as new video trends such as social media videos and live video streaming.  Our Green Screen studio is conveniently located in downtown San Diego and is perfect for filming training videos or interviews with out of town guests.

Let’s Bring Your Medical Vision to Life

Cinemaviva is more than a medical video production company; we are your partners in conveying the intricate tapestry of medical stories. Whether you aim to educate, inspire, or inform, our team is dedicated to translating your vision into visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos. Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities of medical storytelling through the lens of Cinemaviva.

Contact us today to embark on a journey where medicine and cinematic artistry unite.


Medical Videography Examples

Medical Promotional Videos​

A showcase of our best shots from the medical videos we have created. Filmed in San Diego, San Francisco, LA and Tijuana.

Medical Video Demo Reel​

We’ve been creating several videos for Deepak Chopra’s new website Jiyo.com. Here is one of the first to be released. Watch as Deepak Chopra, Leonard Mlodinow & Michael Schermer, share their view on the Nature of Reality and the Universe. Our Los Angeles team shot this with two 4K cameras and a professional sound recordist.

Dr. Singh Introduction Video

We shot this video in our studio on a white screen with a teleprompter to make it quick and easy for Dr Singh. This is part of a series of videos where Dr. Singh describes different facets of his practice.

San Diego Medical Video Production Services

Types of Medical Videos We Offer

  • Medical Films
  • Doctor and Staff Biographies
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Patient Testimonial Videos
  • Medical Marketing Videos
  • Medical Instructional and Training Videos
  • Green Screen and White Screen Video Production
  • Medical Practice Profile
  • Broadcast Commercials
  • Internal Communications
  • Medical Conference and Seminar Videos
  • Event Documentation
  • Medical Photography

Why Choose CinemaViva?


  1. Medical Expertise: Our team includes individuals with a background in medicine, ensuring accurate representation and clear communication of medical concepts.

  2. Creative Excellence: We are artists and storytellers at heart, dedicated to infusing creativity into every frame to make your medical videos truly unforgettable.

  3. Cutting-edge Technology: We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest filming techniques and equipment to deliver videos of the highest quality.

  4. Tailored Approach: Recognizing that each medical project is unique, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their vision and deliver tailored solutions.

  5. Keyword Optimization: Our videos are optimized for online visibility, incorporating essential keywords for medical video production to enhance their reach and impact.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

We have been fortunate to help some amazing companies achieve success through our video services.

À La Carte Services

Everyone likes packages but some folks just break the mold.  For those, we offer a la carte services to meet your vision.  Add production value to your  videos by selecting additional crew, gear, and talent that will make your video stand out from the crowd.  

Here are some additional corporate video production services we offer:

  • Aerial Video 
  • 14 foot Crane with Remote Control Head –
  • 3 foot Slider 
  • Dolly & Tracks 
  • Steadicam and Operator 
  • Kino Flo 4 Bank Lights 
  • Green or White Screen Studio
  • Professional Scriptwriting 
  • Male/Female Spokesperson 
  • Voice Over Artist 
  • Special Effects/3D Animation 
  • Makeup Artist
  • Production Assistant
  • Set Design

Our Skills

Pre Production



Broadcast Quality Video Production
Cinematic Lighting Gear
Skilled Camera Operators

Post Production

Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro & After Effects
Color Correction & Photoshop
Video SEO and Distribution

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