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Yolobox Pro Review

CinemaViva Tech Talks 6: Yolobox Pro Unboxing and Review

In this episode I tested and the Yolobox Pro and set it up to live stream and record from multiple cameras. It’s an incredibly easy way to quickly deploy a
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Teleprompter Video

CinemaViva Tech Talks 5: How to use the Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle HD as a Teleprompter

This video shows how to use the Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle as a teleprompter for small video productions.
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Starlink for Live Streaming

Starlink for Live Streaming?

Is Starlink good enough for Live-Streaming? https://vimeo.com/734456495 This episode explores various tests I did of the Starlink RV. I tried numerous methods to see if it was possible to send
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Event Video Production

CinemaViva Tech Talks #3 Nab Show Recap

Take a look at our recap from the NAB show in Las Vegas. We have interviews with Vertiv, Live U and even an impromptu interview with Grant Petty of Blackmagic
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