CinemaViva Rewards Program

How it works

Our rewards program is simple.  There are 2 options

Option 1 = For every $1000 spend with us, you will receive a $100 credit towards future productions with us.  Use it for a shoot, editing, consulation, whatever you need!

Option 2 = Get a free 2 hour Content Creation session with teleprompter in our studio after 5 studio bookings with us.  A $500 value!

We will keep a record of your hours and once you have qualified, we will create a REWARDS quote in your CinemaViva client portal.  

How do you access your client portal?  It’s easy, just send us an email and we will send you the link and password to your client portal!  

Contact Horacio Jones at CinemaViva with any questions at 800-680-4613