We are a top videography shop in the San Diego area, and you can see a lot of the evidence on our website. You can peruse a gallery of past projects, see a list of high-profile clients, and understand more about how we work.

You can also think about some of the best practices in the video world – tips and techniques that help the pros to always show a company’s best side to the camera. 

One of them is to always remember that when casting and shooting enterprise videography, you’re dealing with people.

Working with people involves specific techniques and things that you learn by experience. For example, having good backdrops and sufficient lighting is part of the logistical process of showing off human subjects in an optimal way. Those logistics are important, but they’re only part of the game: there are other considerations that are crucial to putting together the best people-centric video. 


It’s also important, in shooting the human form, to think about composition. That’s true whether you’re taking video of a panel of experts at a lecture, or getting an angle shot at one person in an extended interview, or trying to film choreography. Blocking and composition are key tools for the professional video expert to produce the results that are needed, and we put deliberate work into this aspect of video design, as well as others. Our strategic composition and tracking add to the tools and resources that turn out streaming video that will present your brand beautifully. 


Of course, like everything else in video, presenting people well also involves editing after the initial footage is shot.

A tight edit supports the people as subjects in the video, and it supports the narrative. It creates the timing and cadence that make the video attractive to viewers. All of this is work that you don’t want to skip when putting together the best corporate video. With the right attention to detail, you get the polished final result that gives you visibility on your most valuable multimedia channels. 

Take advantage of a free video strategy session to learn more about how we can help you to present your business the right way. At CinemaViva, we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest, and that means actively researching best practices within the field. More of our photography and video results are available on the web site to give you an idea about what these principles look like in practice. Keep us in mind as a top San Diego business partner.