When you make a great professional video to showcase your company, your products and services and your brand, you have options in how to use these assets to the fullest to promote your business. We often consult our clients on what works best, and how to craft video for a specific channel, which adds value to the production process.

Live Streaming Platforms and Ads

We see businesses of all shapes and sizes putting their live streaming video onto public facing live stream channels ‘en masse.’

YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, the list goes on – carefully placed live streaming video ads are a real boon for business. These centralized platforms deliver the page views and eyeballs that companies need to get visibility.

In-House Web Use

Another common value of a good live stream or ad video is to post it in a prominent place on your own company website. Some companies choose to splash some of these catchy videos on their landing pages. Others nest them in parts of the website like “about me” or “testimonials.”

Wherever you put them, the streaming video offers your visitors an alternative to reading text, and that can keep people on a site much longer. Google algorithms look at how well a site retains visitors, so these videos can be valuable on the website in more ways than one.

Emails and Outreach

Many companies also use a streaming video asset as a type of digital pamphlet or icebreaker.

In the old days, we handed pieces of paper to people – we handed them a business card or, say, a brochure. Now all of that seems so very 1998…!

Now, since everyone carries smartphones, it’s often easier to send a file from one device or server to another. The cloud has particularly made this a common part of how people do business. You can embed one of these high-quality videos in an email, or simply text it to someone’s personal device.

Of course, it helps to have well-crafted, well-produced video to share with the world. At our studio, Horacio Jones trades on his experience as a professional producer to offer full range video production services and a detailed view of both audio and video production. Let us help you to get the right results for video that will show off the power of your brand and the value of your business to a large crowd or a specific targeted audience. With the right care and thoughtful strategy, you’ll be able to differentiate your enterprise from the herd.