Too often, in the world of video and audio, people are only focused on the big things.

That’s Not to Say that Big Things Aren’t Important – They Are!

The narrative of a piece, for example, is one of the most important components there is. If you can’t tell a story with video or audio, you’re surely doomed in terms of the results that you get from a campaign.

However, there’s also a lot more to it than that, as any editor or hard-working production professional will tell you.

There’s a lot to edit out in terms of extraneous material, and some very painstaking technical processes that can seem pretty tedious. These are almost always done behind the scenes, without a lot of fanfare, but they’re absolutely vital to the process. They also deserve recognition which is part of what we talk about when we discuss production principles at conferences or events. That’s a less-acknowledged part of how this all works!

Creative Design and Implementation

Think of the narrative world and the design on one end of a spectrum, and the technical edits on the other hand.

Both of these things have to happen, but they have to happen rather independently of each other. When you get the balance right, when you get the equation right, then you’re going places!

We talk about this all the time as we help clients to build their campaigns and video programs. That sets them up to have better results and more success with the video and collateral they produce.

It’s Not Just About One Type of Quality

It’s about two different types of quality, and having the quality assurance you need (in each of those two areas) to know that your project will come off well.

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