Thought leaders have been bridging the gap between digital and physical content for years now. Visionaries reaping the biggest rewards have taken that concept and applied it to their businesses. The video streaming industry is booming and it’s forecast to explode at a compounded annual growth rate of 20.4 percent. Recent studies conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau indicate that live video content is routinely consumed by more than two-thirds of those who have access to it. Live streaming is particularly appealing because of the unique benefits it offers to businesses.

Live Streaming for Businesses

Incorporating live stream into your business content lends credibility to give your business authority in its field. Consumers love the element of authenticity created in a world where they feel constantly advertised to. Contrary to popular belief, consumers aren’t looking for perfection. They are looking for genuine motives and quality videos. Live content allows those traits to shine through in a landscape that makes consuming content convenient.  

With multiple video formats, live streaming increases brand awareness and helps grow your customer base. It ushers in real-time engagement because your target audience is using a configuration that creates a sense of urgency. There are no capacity limitations using this rich medium that often opens the door to new revenue opportunities. From a business perspective, there aren’t many disadvantages to live streaming.

Benefits of Using a Professional Service

Consumer behavior and viewership are what make live stream such a valuable medium for businesses. The most obvious benefit to partnering with a professional service for live streaming is that it requires zero technical knowledge. Even if you are familiar with streaming technology, using a professional service simplifies things and keeps them cost-effective.

Most professional services offer an analytics dashboard to help you track the success of your events. Relative metrics can be segmented out and analyzed on a granular level for retargeting efforts or measuring key performance indicators. You get high-quality broadcasts on super reliable infrastructure with an impressive content delivery network (CDN) that you just can’t access in a do-it-yourself environment.

CinemaViva for Successful Delivery

Many professional services allow you to integrate external programs into your live streams to ensure your branding is balanced and consistent across mediums. Besides, you’ll love those added privacy and security features that come along with the service. You get a completely streamlined broadcasting experience with easy-to-use tools that allow you to take your services global with the click of a button.

The data is in the delivery and the bottom line is that live streamed content fosters engagement which broadens your customer base. It’s re-defining the business world altogether. Video production and editing services like CinnemaViva are just simplifying the process for business owners like you. Our highly skilled technicians have over 15 years of experience in the industry and state-of-the-art technology to help you share your vision with the world.