Pierce Lawrence: A Jazz Guitar Journey in Little Italy’s “On Air”

Hey there, music enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience the magic of jazz guitar live? Well, we’ve got something special for you. In the heart of Little Italy, San Diego, a new musical variety show called “On Air” filmed at the CinemaViva studio has been making waves, and we were lucky enough to catch up with the talented Pierce Lawrence.

Pierce Lawrence: A Journey Through Music

Pierce Lawrence, an experienced jazz guitarist, graced the “On Air” stage, sharing his musical journey with us. With years of experience under his belt, Pierce has played at various venues across San Diego, leaving a trail of mesmerized audiences in his wake. From gigs at Cinema Cassette to Quigley’s Fine Wines, his musical footprints are all over town.

The Vintage Gibson L5 Guitar

Pierce’s guitar, a vintage Gibson L5, took center stage during his performance. This iconic instrument, known for its rich and resonant tones, has been the secret behind countless jazz legends, including the legendary Wes Montgomery. What makes Pierce’s setup unique is his Deon pickup, designed to preserve the guitar’s acoustic integrity while creating beautiful, resonant tones.

Musical Highlights During his time on “On Air,”

Pierce treated the audience to a diverse selection of jazz classics and modern harmonies. His rendition of “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face” showcased the timeless charm of jazz, while his take on John Coltrane’s “Naima” demonstrated the versatility of the genre.

A Memorable Jam Session

The episode concluded with a spontaneous jam session, featuring the evergreen classic “My Way.” Pierce’s guitar prowess, combined with the show’s host, Horacio Jones, left a lasting impression on the viewers.

In Conclusion

“On Air” continues to be a platform where artists like Pierce Lawrence share their musical narratives. It’s not just about performances; it’s about the love of music and the joy it brings to both the performers and the audience. If you’re an artist looking to join this musical journey, reach out and be part of the enchanting world of “On Air.”

So, stay tuned for more musical adventures and make sure to subscribe to CinemaViva, “On Air,” and Pierce Lawrence’s journey through the world of jazz. Who knows, you might discover your next favorite artist right here in Little Italy’s vibrant music scene!

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