Here at CinemaViva 4k Video Productions in San Diego, we have a wide variety of toys and gadgets at our disposal. Not only are they cool but they really help to increase the production value we can offer our clients. One we are especially fond of is the DJI OSMO.

Weighing in at just seven ounces, the OSMO comes with a wide variety of features such as full 4k Video which offers visually stunning, detailed shots for your videos. 4k is rapidly becoming the industry’s new standard in video recording. It has a 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor and can shoot stills at 12 megapixels.

The OSMO’s three axis gimbal allows fully stabilized handheld video of any any scene you would like filmed. It’s incredibly smooth even when attached to a moving vehicle with a suction cup mount.

With its advanced stabilization, the OSMO offers a clear difference in comparison to normal handheld recording.

Another feature the OSMO is equipped with is the ability to pair itself with your smart device using DJI’s custom GO APP.  It turns your tablet or smartphone into a display via the OSMO’s built in WIFI.  You can even control the movement of the camera through the app.

The DJI OSMO has many built in modes in addition to the 4k video production mode.

  • Slow motion at 120fps…
  • Timelapse mode which gives you dazzling transitional scenes…and hyper lapses
  • High quality panoramic shots of 180 or 360 degrees
  • Photos Bursts at up to 7 Shots
  • Auto and Selfie Panorama Modes

So in review the DJI OSMO is a choice product with an abundance of uses. But more than that, it’s another great tool included in CinemaViva’s inventory that provides hollywood quality footage for your next 4k video production.

This is just one of the many cool gadgets we like to use here at CinemaViva when filming with our clients.