Live Video Streaming in San Diego

Professional live streaming and multi-camera video production in San Diego.

Live Video Streaming is becoming more and more popular with the advent of platforms like Facebook live and YouTube streaming.  No longer do you have to film a show and wait for it to be edited.  Now you can easily and instantly get your message out to your tribe and even chat with them in real-time!  This is a great strategy to promote your product or services.

Our live video streaming services feature the ability to instantly replace the green screen background with a background of your choice.  You can even superimpose movies, pictures, your website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and discuss the content on them from your iPhone. We can even bring our equipment out to your event and stream it live to the world.

Whether you want to produce a one-time web-cast, a talk show or a web series, CinemaViva can help you with the right tools and over 15 years of experience in the video production industry.

Check out our blog post:  5 tips for effective live video streaming.


    • YouTube
    • FaceBook
    • Custom RTMP

    • Connect up to 10 Sources
    • Works with Professional cameras, smartphones and drones
    • Record individual feeds and program switch

    • 300 ft range
    • Save hours of setup and teardown
    • Completely battery powered

Live Video Streaming - Take your message to the next level!

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  • Use Cases

    External Webinars, Sales Training, HR Training, Quarterly Meetings, Website Videos, Global Conferences, Internal Gatherings and Keynotes

  • Key Features

    Wireless, Portable, Battery Powered, Livestreaming, Multi-camera, Recording and 4K Post-Production

  • Reduce Editing Time

    Our system integrates with Premiere and Final Cut Pro X! All files are automatically organized and time aligned.  You can instantly open up the project and start editing.  Finish editing in hours instead of days.


Live Video Streaming Services in San Diego

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

CinemaViva did a couple of videos for our company, and our entire team was so happy with their work. We have received such great feedback on the videos. Highly recommend Horacio and his team. What a great deal here! Thank you for the greatness you bring to our projects. Much appreciated!


Horacio has been terrific to work with over the past several videos he has done for our company. He brings good ideas and suggestions to help improve the video, works quickly and efficiently, and is an amazingly skilled (and fast) video editor. He also has good contacts for specialized services, such as animation and voiceover.