Recently CinemaViva was hired by an event production company out of New York – Eventique to perform a Live Stream of a company meeting held at the Manchester Hyatt. They needed to provide a high quality live stream of the Meridian Capital event back to their offices in New York to the employees who couldn’t come to San Diego.

Live Streaming System at the Manchester Hyatt

Eventique brought in their top crew from New York and it was easy to integrate our Live Streaming system into their production. We set up next to their tech table so we didn’t have to run long cables all over the room. Our job was to connect to their audio mixer, video camera and to the hotel’s internet. Our Roland VR-4HD video mixer easily mixed the audio with the video and flawlessly connected to our Mac Laptop running LiveStream Studio. Initially we were going to do a 720p live stream but once we set up did a test, the bandwidth was so good that it was possible to stream in full 1080p HD. We sent the 1080p stream to our Vimeo account which then transcoded the video in the cloud so playback would look great on any of the end viewers’ devices.

Using the LiveStream Studio software on our Mac Laptop

At the end of the day, the client was very happy with the results. Stats show that 263 people watched the stream with 111 peak viewers watching at the same time. After the stream finished, we edited the beginning and end of the video and re-uploaded it to Vimeo with a private link for others to watch.

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