If you want to achieve your long-term sales goals, you need to realize the importance of generating a steady flow of leads. Growing your customer base will require both hard work and the use of the Internet. Relying solely on written content to attract attention from potential customers is a bad idea. Utilizing the power of video marketing is crucial when trying to provide consumers with engaging and informative content.

A recent study found that over 83% of business owners felt that video marketing campaigns provided them with a great return on their investments. Are you trying to generate more sales leads with your marketing videos? If so, you need to consider the useful tips below.

Use Video On Your Landing Pages

When trying to segment your audience and expand the reach your business has, using landing pages is crucial. A landing page allows you to provide consumers with information about a particular product/service offered by your company. Many business owners create these landing pages to use in their paid marketing campaigns. Ideally, you want the information provided on these landing pages to be easy to consume and entertaining.

One of the best ways to boost the conversion rates your landing pages provide is by placing well-produced videos on them. Most people will watch a short video before they read a page of text on a webpage. By targeting the content in these videos to fit the product/service being promoted is a great idea. With the addition of video, you can easily generate more leads with your landing pages.

Produce Testimonial Videos For Your Website

Gaining the trust of online consumers is harder than it seems. The average person has more options than ever before regarding the businesses they can use to fill their needs. If you want to show a potential customer why your company is better than the competition, then providing them with social proof is so important. Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of social proof on the planet.

Acquiring this user-generated content and posting it on your website homepage is a wise move. If this is the first thing a consumer sees on your website, it can help you gain their trust and convert them into paying customers.

Optimize Email Campaigns With Personalized Videos

Business owners use a host of different methods to generate leads. Email marketing campaigns are one of the most popular tools used by entrepreneurs to connect with potential customers. Most consumers prefer receiving emails from companies attempting to gain their business. If you want to generate more leads with your email marketing campaigns, you need to think about creating personalized videos to embed in them. With these personalized videos, you can attract the attention of potential customers and move them to the next level of your sales funnel.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to use video to generate sales leads. If you are ready to start producing video content for your target audience, CinemaViva is here to help.