How Can a Video Editing Service Help Your Business?

How Can a Video Editing Service Help Your Business?

Why is video editing an important step that you must not overlook? The videos that you create can help you to convey the story of your business and set a professional tone. However, your videos might not be well-executed if they’re not properly edited. You might think that video editing is not worth your time, but this is something that can make your video impactful.

You should be aware of the importance of video editing and the advantages that you could gain from making high-quality videos. Let’s take a look at how video editing is essential for your business.

Sales Boost

Poor-quality videos can interfere with your conversion rates. If you’re running an eCommerce business, you must consider the impact of creating videos that are professionally edited. Quality videos that are well edited may help to increase your sales performance as well as boost your online presence.

People are drawn to videos that are well-produced, edited, and grab their attention. People who love your videos will also be inclined to share them on different social platforms, which could help to boost your customer base. Video editing is a technique that may also give you excellent results for your startup, real estate, corporate, and other types of businesses you operate.

It’s Faster

Editing your videos can become an overwhelming and time-consuming task if you don’t have the right skills or patience to complete the task. By hiring a video editing service, it’s much easier for you to get faster delivery. A professional service assures you that your videos are properly edited to suit your business needs.

More Flexibility

You have the freedom and flexibility to edit your videos to match your vision. An experienced video editor will have a good understanding of your vision and provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Get Professional Videos that Align With Your Business Needs

Once you’ve decided to make videos, you must ensure they are professionally produced and edited to help you achieve satisfactory results. Creating a bunch of videos that represent your business can do so much to help you gain attention from your target audience.

If you’re a beginner or lack video editing skills, you have the choice to get help from talented professionals that can assist you with the entire process. Nowadays, you have the advantage to get your videos edited to perfection by relying on experts who specialize in fulfilling their client’s needs.


The Little Things

Too often, in the world of video and audio, people are only focused on the big things.

That’s Not to Say that Big Things Aren’t Important – They Are!

The narrative of a piece, for example, is one of the most important components there is. If you can’t tell a story with video or audio, you’re surely doomed in terms of the results that you get from a campaign.

However, there’s also a lot more to it than that, as any editor or hard-working production professional will tell you.

There’s a lot to edit out in terms of extraneous material, and some very painstaking technical processes that can seem pretty tedious. These are almost always done behind the scenes, without a lot of fanfare, but they’re absolutely vital to the process. They also deserve recognition which is part of what we talk about when we discuss production principles at conferences or events. That’s a less-acknowledged part of how this all works!

Creative Design and Implementation

Think of the narrative world and the design on one end of a spectrum, and the technical edits on the other hand.

Both of these things have to happen, but they have to happen rather independently of each other. When you get the balance right, when you get the equation right, then you’re going places!

We talk about this all the time as we help clients to build their campaigns and video programs. That sets them up to have better results and more success with the video and collateral they produce.

It’s Not Just About One Type of Quality

It’s about two different types of quality, and having the quality assurance you need (in each of those two areas) to know that your project will come off well.

Take a look at the rest of the blog for more information on how we work, and other aspects of this process. We are proud to be at the forefront of corporate video production, B2B video production and live streaming hybrid events, with services like video editing and web production.

A combination of good pricing and excellent service led to our representation as a leading firm in the Southern California region, with a great record from the Better Business Bureau and other sources.

Some of our clients include CBS, Pearson, Univision and others, which shows you that these and other firms have seen fit to invest in using our services for their successful campaigns. Ask us about the broadcast services that you need to put together an excellent corporate video product.


Make Your Corporate Videos More Exciting With These Great Tips

Make Your Corporate Videos More Exciting With These Great Tips

Finding a larger online audience will require the use of engaging marketing materials. Relying solely on written content to attract online attention from consumers is a mistake many business owners make. While blogs should be part of your marketing strategy, you also need to realize the importance of quality video content.

Every year, businesses in the United States spend over $55 billion on video marketing campaigns. If you want your corporate videos to strike a chord with your target demographic, you need to focus on making them more entertaining and exciting. Here are some things you can do to make your corporate videos more exciting.

Add Titles and Graphics To Your Videos

When trying to figure out how to optimize your videos to make them more exciting, you need to think about the material being covered. If the videos being provided to your target audience are designed to teach, then you need to make it easier for consumers to grasp the information. One of the best ways to do this is by adding titles and graphics to your videos.

With the implementation of titles, you can bring clarity to your videos. These titles also let video watchers know where the information they want is contained. While adding graphics and titles is a good idea, you need to avoid overdoing it. Using these elements sparingly in your corporate videos can help you increase the impact they have. Overusing these elements can alienate your target audience and make your video content confusing.

Implement Story Structure In Your Videos

Before you start the process of making a new corporate video, you need to develop a storyboard. Making a video without a good idea of what you want to cover and how the information in question will be presented is a bad idea. In most cases, this mistake will lead to your finished video being a jumbled mess.

If you want consumers to respond to the videos you create, you need to implement structure into the story you want to tell. By putting together a story structure, you can stay on track and provide a video that is easy to understand. If you need help developing a plan for your corporate videos, working with professionals is vital.

Consider Production Quality

When a person views a video for the first time, they will consider a variety of factors when developing an opinion. One of the main things a person will pay attention to when watching your video is production quality. If your video looks like it was shot on a video camera from the 1980s, you might lose viewers instantly. This is why you need to work with professionals to ensure the production quality of your corporate videos is high. Professionals will have the equipment needed to bring your vision to life.

Producing high-quality video content for your audience is a great way to retain their attention. If you need help developing new video content, CinemaViva has the tools and experience to assist you.


Things To Consider When Creating Product Videos

The amount of money spent online has increased drastically in the past years. Some estimates show that online sales rose as much as 43% in 2020. This means it is time to strike while the iron is hot if you are trying to sell your products online. Relying solely on pictures of your products to inform consumers about the benefits they can provide is a strategy that can backfire. 

This is why you need to realize just how important video is when trying to get your point across about what your products offer. Are you trying to create memorable and informative product videos? If so, here are some things you need to consider. 

Focus On Solving a Problem

Before you start the process of creating an explainer video for your product, consider what approach you will take to describe this item to your audience. Putting yourself in the mindset of a customer is a great way to figure out how to structure your product video. Most people look for products that can help them solve problems they encounter in their daily lives. If your product can help to solve a common problem, then you need to highlight this in your video. 

You also need to make sure the description of this video includes information about the problem it solves. In most cases, people will scan the video description before actually watching the content. This is why you need to relay this information to ensure the people who are dealing with the problem in question realize this content is for them. Walking through a step-by-step breakdown of how your product solves this problem can help you generate new sales leads and grow your customer base. 

Keep Your Message Short and Sweet

Newcomers to the world of product videos usually make the mistake of rambling and sharing too much information. While this may seem like a good way to provide watchers with more context, it can send some consumers running for the hills. This is why you need to focus on boiling your message down to the main points. Making a detailed video script is important when trying to visualize what needs to be covered in the video. Keeping your message short and sweet can help to ensure more people watch the video in its entirety. 

Know Where To Post Your Product Video

Once you have created a video you are proud of, showing it to the world is something you should be passionate about. Knowing where to post this product video can help you attract lots of attention. Posting this content on your homepage is a great way to reel in visitors to your website and turn them into customers. Creating a landing page for the product in question and putting the video there is also a smart move. Driving traffic to this landing page with the help of social media posts and pay-per-click ads can expand the reach you have. 

Considering the factors in this article can help you create a product video consumers will love.


Videography: Presenting People

We are a top videography shop in the San Diego area, and you can see a lot of the evidence on our website. You can peruse a gallery of past projects, see a list of high-profile clients, and understand more about how we work.

You can also think about some of the best practices in the video world – tips and techniques that help the pros to always show a company’s best side to the camera. 

One of them is to always remember that when casting and shooting enterprise videography, you’re dealing with people.

Working with people involves specific techniques and things that you learn by experience. For example, having good backdrops and sufficient lighting is part of the logistical process of showing off human subjects in an optimal way. Those logistics are important, but they’re only part of the game: there are other considerations that are crucial to putting together the best people-centric video. 


It’s also important, in shooting the human form, to think about composition. That’s true whether you’re taking video of a panel of experts at a lecture, or getting an angle shot at one person in an extended interview, or trying to film choreography. Blocking and composition are key tools for the professional video expert to produce the results that are needed, and we put deliberate work into this aspect of video design, as well as others. Our strategic composition and tracking add to the tools and resources that turn out streaming video that will present your brand beautifully. 


Of course, like everything else in video, presenting people well also involves editing after the initial footage is shot.

A tight edit supports the people as subjects in the video, and it supports the narrative. It creates the timing and cadence that make the video attractive to viewers. All of this is work that you don’t want to skip when putting together the best corporate video. With the right attention to detail, you get the polished final result that gives you visibility on your most valuable multimedia channels. 

Take advantage of a free video strategy session to learn more about how we can help you to present your business the right way. At CinemaViva, we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest, and that means actively researching best practices within the field. More of our photography and video results are available on the web site to give you an idea about what these principles look like in practice. Keep us in mind as a top San Diego business partner. 


Three Excellent Ways To Use Your Video Assets

When you make a great professional video to showcase your company, your products and services and your brand, you have options in how to use these assets to the fullest to promote your business. We often consult our clients on what works best, and how to craft video for a specific channel, which adds value to the production process.

Live Streaming Platforms and Ads

We see businesses of all shapes and sizes putting their live streaming video onto public facing live stream channels ‘en masse.’

YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, the list goes on – carefully placed live streaming video ads are a real boon for business. These centralized platforms deliver the page views and eyeballs that companies need to get visibility.

In-House Web Use

Another common value of a good live stream or ad video is to post it in a prominent place on your own company website. Some companies choose to splash some of these catchy videos on their landing pages. Others nest them in parts of the website like “about me” or “testimonials.”

Wherever you put them, the streaming video offers your visitors an alternative to reading text, and that can keep people on a site much longer. Google algorithms look at how well a site retains visitors, so these videos can be valuable on the website in more ways than one.

Emails and Outreach

Many companies also use a streaming video asset as a type of digital pamphlet or icebreaker.

In the old days, we handed pieces of paper to people – we handed them a business card or, say, a brochure. Now all of that seems so very 1998…!

Now, since everyone carries smartphones, it’s often easier to send a file from one device or server to another. The cloud has particularly made this a common part of how people do business. You can embed one of these high-quality videos in an email, or simply text it to someone’s personal device.

Of course, it helps to have well-crafted, well-produced video to share with the world. At our studio, Horacio Jones trades on his experience as a professional producer to offer full range video production services and a detailed view of both audio and video production. Let us help you to get the right results for video that will show off the power of your brand and the value of your business to a large crowd or a specific targeted audience. With the right care and thoughtful strategy, you’ll be able to differentiate your enterprise from the herd.


Five Important Components of Green Screen Video Services from CinemaViva

Many of our clients love the easy implementation of green screen technologies to create great background settings for video.

You just set up the screen and the right technology, and voilà – you’re in the Alps, or in front of the Egyptian pyramids, or meandering the front lawn of the Taj Mahal – you get the idea.

However, not all green screen services are the same. Ours includes all of the good support and logistics that you need to create the best video whether it’s for YouTube, Kickstarter, Facebook, internal use or anything else.

A Dedicated Video Director

We provide the right guidance for green screen videos, in order to make sure that the narrative and everything else stays well supported throughout the process. Production can be chaotic, but with our planning, you get the results you intended, on the scope and timeline that we set together.

4-Camera Switching

We also offer a 4-camera switching capability to add a dimension to video shoots. Our live streaming services enable porting to Facebook or other platforms. And through it all, we are helping to evaluate video needs and quality in order to use these tools effectively.

Audio and Lighting Equipment

We have camera stabilizers, teleprompters and more to make sure that the audio and video quality of each shot is well established and maintained throughout the shoot. We also bring our extensive stock music and stock footage library to the table, which is important, because otherwise, copyright issues can tangle your project up in red tape. We are prepared to make your shoot work well, with after effects templates, color correction and more. 

File Formats

After your green screen video is complete, we help you to get the video into the right format for posting on social media sites or elsewhere on the web. This is an important step, and if your video service skips it, you’ll be frustrated by barriers to getting your money out of your video project.

Advanced Camera Work

With our 4K video cameras, we provide that well-produced look that’s crucial to any video project. We’ll show you how we get the lighting, angles and more right to “show your best side” to viewers. 

Ask us more about our 6k or 4k camera work and other video implementation, and how we support the best video results for our clients. Look for more on our website about assisting with all kinds of videography for a wide spectrum of project needs.


Video Productions Offer More Than Entertainment

In this modern era, technology is advancing how we do almost everything. With the implementation of smart phones, internet access is always only an arm’s reach away. While the internet is useful for a variety of reasons, one thing we all use it for is to stream videos.

Now, just because you have the ability to stream videos from the internet doesn’t mean that it’s the only place they are found. DVD’s, television sets, blu ray, and other platforms are all ways for us to watch videos. The point is that media in the form of videos surrounds us and is part of the very fabric of our lifestyles.

One way that videos benefit us is through the spreading of information. News stations broadcast important happenings and events on a widespread scale. And while you could get similar information from a newspaper or web article, those sources don’t allow you to see live content and footage like the news stations do.

Videos are extremely useful for education and many teachers use videos to help explain and convey certain topics of their class. This allows the students to get a visual representation of the topic and can help them retain and process the information better. Videos also benefit education through the use of documentaries, which allows the viewer to learn new things in the form of entertainment.

While videos benefit the average person, they also help aid companies and businesses. One of the key components of any business is good advertising. Video advertisements can be a company’s best friend when it comes to publicity and product sales. Commercials and promotion videos grab the readers

Companies and businesses use commercials not only as a means of promoting their brand and products, but also as a way to demonstrate that their product works well which inspires purchase. Without commercials and other forms of video advertisements businesses would have a much more difficult time reaching the public with their messaging. .

Including video productions as part of a marketing or promotional campaign is a strategy that successful companies use in order to create the tone of their message. Corporate videographers have made the access of this advertising and marketing tool accessible by providing  professional services for all stages of video production. 

Through initial consultation, concept creation, video production, and finished product, companies such as Cinemaviva make the ideas of corporate videos a reality for any business or entity that wants to incorporate this media into their advertising portfolio.  Creating stylized videos personalized to fit the clients needs, Cinemaviva  brings video production to a new level.

Innovative marketing and advertising campaigns of today must include some form of video, as technology improves access to consumers and clients, bringing your company to life is essential to its ultimate success.


Why Your Business Marketing Video Needs a Solid Strategy

When it comes to getting your company’s presence a more widespread audience, very few advertising strategies carry the same amount of weight quite like creating a business content marketing video. However, a good video is more than just a steady camera and a poised spokesperson; you also need a rock-solid marketing strategy, too. If you’re looking to boost your brand through a video marketing campaign, but you’re not quite sure where to start, then take note: these five tips can help make your company’s marketing video a resounding success!

Master Your Brand

One of the most important aspects of creating a profitable marketing video is making sure your brand is coherent across all types of media. If your website has a serious tone, but your video is unexpectedly lighthearted and playful, then your audience may be turned off by your presentation.

Relate to Your Audience

Just as you need to maintain consistency in the presentation of your brand, you also need to make sure you don’t alienate your audience by misunderstanding who they are. If you’re targeting millennials, then you don’t want to take on a style that doesn’t connect with them. Conversely, if you’re looking to capture a more mature audience, then pop culture references may fall flat.

Pick an Objective

Once you know your brand and your audience, you then need to finalize an objective for your marketing video. Is your goal more conversions? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? Without a clear purpose in mind, you may wind up with a jumbled, confused mess on your hands that costs you more money in the long run.

Track Your Results

After you introduce your marketing video to the public, the next stage is monitoring its effectiveness. It can be very exciting to see the results pour in, especially if your video is generating the right amount of buzz to help your company grow in reach. Conversely, it can be equally disappointing to discover that your marketing video completely tanked. Either way, you won’t know unless you carefully track your metrics after releasing the video.

Revise as Needed

If you discover that your video didn’t have quite the impact that you had hoped, it may mean that you need to revisit it. Sometimes it may be as simple as modifying your tone. Other times you may need to start from scratch and take a brand-new approach to it. That said, you don’t want to mess with a good thing. If your video is doing precisely what you wanted it to do, then you may not need to make any changes to it at all. Of course, none of this can happen without a skilled and professional video production and editing team on your side. To learn more about how we here at CinemaViva can help bring your next business marketing video to life, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!