Last year CinemaViva had the opportunity to help out a new local advertising company called Rideplay.TV.  Their platform is unique in that they offer in-car entertainment and advertisements in the back of rideshare vehicles like Uber and Lyft using tablets.  Here is the story of creating a web video production for them.


We met with the Rideplay team to determine who their target market was and what types of shots they needed.  They had a basic outline which we helped to codify.We decided that we should get film several people in the back of the car interacting with the tablet.  We also wanted to tell a story so we all decided it would be a good idea to get a couple going out on a date to show how typical experience using the Rideplay service.  Through a craigslist ad we hired a great actor and I called upon an actress that I had casted for a previous video to play the role of the girlfriend.


This was a really fun shoot with an adept crew and fantastic talent.  We all met at the harbor and spent a couple of hours riding around in the car with the extras.  Our friends and co-workers were happy to help out.  Then it was off to downtown to film at Petco Park with the 2 featured actors.  Since most of the shots were going to be in a car, I decided to use the DJI Osmo for this video.  It’s small, has a wide lens for tight places and stays very steady due to the 3 axis gimbal.

Post Production:

Since the video was already scripted editing went smoothly and according to plan.  It only took 2 revisions to get approval from the Rideplay team.  Once the picture was locked, I put out a casting call on Voice123 for a voice actress who did a fantastic job.


Like most web video productions, we sent them a final version that could be uploaded to their  Facebook and Youtube accounts. Once on YouTube, it is easy to place on a website with the Youtube embed code. The video is displayed prominently on their homepage.


Rideplay is off to a great start, they received a lot of press coverage and the video was even used in several news reports. See the report from the CW6 here.


“Cinema Viva is my go to source for web video production.  I use them over and over because the experience and results are always consistent.  The process is easy and Horacio does a great job providing direction.  Thanks Cinema Viva! – Greg Maestro, CEO –