Have you ever taken advantage of livestreaming video for your business? If not, it may be time to consider using this to your advantage.

Regardless of if you own a large corporation or a small business, the live video trend is a trend worth following. After all, there’s a reason 35 percent of businesses have selected live video as their marketing method of choice.

However, if you want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by live streaming, you have to do it right. While hiring the professionals for help is a smart move, there are some other tips you can use, too.

Find the Best Tool for Your Needs

With livestreaming, there are more than a few tools available for you to use. While Facebook Live is one of the most well-known, it’s not the only option you can use. There are other services to consider, too, such as Periscope, which is a Twitter owned service. You can also use Blab, which is a tool that works through your desktop computer or smartphone.

Make Sure You Promote Your Upcoming Live Broadcast

If you don’t let people know you are planning to livestream, you aren’t going to have an audience. With some tools, you can schedule your broadcast ahead of time, and provide you with a link that you can share via social media.

When people register for the broadcast, they will also see a countdown and get a reminder about the upcoming event. In addition to using the livestreaming tool for advertising purposes, make sure that you advertise it in other ways, too. This could be just creating informational posts on social media or sharing information on your website or blog. The key is to ensure as many people as possible know about the livestreaming event.

Have an Engagement Plan

One of the reasons that live video is so effective is because those watching the video have an opportunity to interact with the people who are “behind the brand.” This opportunity to connect is appealing and makes the brand more relatable.

During the live event, make sure you answer as many questions as you can. Also, be sure to greet your viewers by name (when possible). Consider asking them where they are from, too, which is an interesting way to get a conversation going.

Create a Compelling Call to Action for Your Livestream Video 

The goal with any marketing video is to leave your viewers wanting more. Let them know about the other ways that they can stay in touch. This could be through social media networks or by signing up for your newsletter. The key here is to let your viewers know what the next step they should take is.

Get Your Livestreaming Efforts Right

If you want to ensure your livestreaming efforts are effective and help you garner the desired response, work with the pros. They can help you craft your video and ensure that as many people as possible watch and interact.