Multi-Camera Live Streaming for the Chefs Roll #Anti-Convention

CinemaViva had a great time filming and live streaming for the Chefs Roll Anti-Convention this past April. For 2 days straight, we had a wonderful opportunity to use our Sling Studio wireless switcher/streaming system and 4 cameras to cover an array of cooking demonstrations and panel discussions with top chefs.

View from the 2nd floor balcony at Idea1

We began setting up the day before at the Idea1 Apartments, a new development of live/work lofts located in the East Village. They frequently hold events in their interior courtyard. For this event we deployed 2 of our trusty Panasonic GH5 cameras, 1 Panasonic GH5s, and an iPhone on a gimbal. Audio was taken care of through 8 wireless mics and a location sound mixer.

One of the tricky things we had to overcome, was that the client wanted one of the cameras to be used for Image Magnification for the event and they also wanted to switch between that and powerpoint on the same screen. The Sling Studio has a slight delay so we had to work around that by setting up a sub-mixing station using our Roland VR-4HD mixer. We ran our MacPro laptop and 1 camera straight into that mixer and split the output between the LED screen and the Sling Studio. This way we were able to send the camera and powerpoint feed to the large LCD screen without any delay and also stream that signal using the Sling Studio. We were also able to create some Picture in Picture looks with the powerpoint slides and live camera.

Live streaming picture in picture example
iPhone on gimbal with a wireless connection to our switcher.

We hired a crew of 6 for this event – Technical Director, Assistant Technical Director, 2 Camera Operators, Location Sound Mixer and a Production Assistant who also helped out on camera from time to time. We setup 1 camera on a balcony to get the wide shot, another camera on a jib, the GH5s on a tripod with a telephoto lens and an iPhone 6 on a gimbal for more portable shots. This was the first time we tried using the GH5/Crane gimbal and it worked great. We used an iPad Air to control the movement of the gimbal for more versatile moving shots. I was able to direct each camera operator on their shots and coordinate with the client on when to start and stop the slides by using our Eartec Wireless Headsets. The iPad Pro was used to switch between cameras and overlay the client’s logo. It’s Retina screen provides very accurate color reproduction.

Panasonic GH5/Crane Gimbal on Kessler Pocket Jib

Once the event started, our crew, cameras and wireless live streaming system performed flawlessly. We were able to provide a consistent 720p stream of each discussion to Chefs Roll’s Facebook page and by the end of each day they had several thousand views. After the gig, we delivered to the client, the program video, and iso video of each camera in 720p and 4K. They were very happy with the results and we are both looking forward to working together again for next year’s #Anti-Convention.

Live Streaming station with Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director.

This was a long live streaming gig, but our equipment held up and we were able to pull it off without any major hitches. Find out more about our live streaming services here. If you are interested in live streaming an event or conference, please reach out to us at 1-800-680-4613 for a free strategy session and quote.


Live Video Streaming at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego

Recently CinemaViva was hired by an event production company out of New York – Eventique to perform a Live Stream of a company meeting held at the Manchester Hyatt. They needed to provide a high quality live stream of the Meridian Capital event back to their offices in New York to the employees who couldn’t come to San Diego.

Live Streaming System at the Manchester Hyatt

Eventique brought in their top crew from New York and it was easy to integrate our Live Streaming system into their production. We set up next to their tech table so we didn’t have to run long cables all over the room. Our job was to connect to their audio mixer, video camera and to the hotel’s internet. Our Roland VR-4HD video mixer easily mixed the audio with the video and flawlessly connected to our Mac Laptop running LiveStream Studio. Initially we were going to do a 720p live stream but once we set up did a test, the bandwidth was so good that it was possible to stream in full 1080p HD. We sent the 1080p stream to our Vimeo account which then transcoded the video in the cloud so playback would look great on any of the end viewers’ devices.

Using the LiveStream Studio software on our Mac Laptop

At the end of the day, the client was very happy with the results. Stats show that 263 people watched the stream with 111 peak viewers watching at the same time. After the stream finished, we edited the beginning and end of the video and re-uploaded it to Vimeo with a private link for others to watch.

If you need any Live Video Streaming in San Diego, give us a call for professional and expert results. 1-800-680-4613. Check out our Live Streaming webpage for more info about our capabilities.


5 Ways to get the most out of your Video Production

Making videos can be costly and time-consuming, but it is well worth the effort.  Here are 5 quick tips you can do to get the most out of your video production experience.

Plan to make multiple videos from your production.  You can turn your 2-3 business overview video into multiple short, focused 30 second videos.

Rehearse – Find the time before your video session to ingrain your script and thoughts in your mind.  You will have more fun and be at ease during your recording.

Plan and Stage – If a videographer is coming to your place of business, it’s vital that you know in advance where they will film and that all filming locations are camera ready.  

Use Actors – Hiring qualified actors can add a lot of production value to your video.  They know how to smile and be on camera without looking awkward.

Extract Photos – Did you know that you can pull 8 mega-pixel still from 4K footage? That’s right. It’s easy to take stills from 4K footage and re-purpose them for you social media campaigns.

Hope these tips help! Call us at 1-800-680-4613 to find out more about Video Production and Editing. You can also drop us a line here.


5 Tips for Effective Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is rapidly growing in popularity as an effective way to connect with audiences, clients and employees.  Before you start, there are a number of factors to consider that could make or break your live video streaming event.  Be sure to find a knowledgeable and tech-savvy company that can help guide you through this complicated process with ease.

1. Test and Prepare

It is best to test the stream and all the content the day before.  If possible set up the day before and run through as much of the production as possible including any movies, or presentations.  Be sure any graphics or lower thirds are also ready the day before the event.  The last thing you need during your live event is to be waiting on a logo and inserting into the system during the stream.  You should definitely have a colleague test all the possibilities that the end user may utilize to view the stream such as cell phone, tablet and computer.  Even if that all works out in pre-game, it’s important to test the network the day of the event and have a backup plan in case something goes awry.

2.  Use the right gear for the job  

Every live stream event is different and each client has unique needs and expectations.  There are a number of ways to live stream from just using a cell phone to wireless live video streaming to broadcast quality live streaming with dedicated hardware encoders.  It’s a good idea to perform a site inspection at the event location weeks or months prior to the event.  This time can be used to test the internet speed, determine camera placement, load-in logistics and how long the cable runs will be.  The client also needs to think about how interactive the stream is going to be.  Do you need live chat? Perhaps you need to see and hear people asking questions at the other end or in multiple locations?

3.  Set it up

The background and ambience of the room are also factors to take into consideration for your live stream.  Is the environment noisy? Is the background pleasant to look at or is it distracting?  If your background choices are limited, you can rent a background or even a green screen which can be set up at your office or place of business.   If you decide to use a green screen, it is possible to remove the green color in real time and replace it with a nice background of your choice.  You can also add some color and depth to your set with props like company banners, a nice HDTV with your company logo, or even just some nice plants.  Be sure extraneous noise is minimized during your stream.  Turn off or mute cell phones, unplug land lines and print out and place “Quiet Please – Recording” signs at the doors to the venue.

4. Plan it out

When you are live, it can be difficult to manage everything that’s happening.  This is where a plan helps out a lot.  Take some time and figure out what is going to happen and when.  You can easily notate the events in a time line by using word or google docs.  Start with the intro graphic, then the host welcomes the audience, time to playback movie 1, next is a powerpoint presentation with picture in picture, finally it’s time to take questions from the audience.  Oh and don’t forget to ask everyone to like and share the video at the end of your transmission.  Perhaps you might even need a call to action at the end with a phone number or website link.  Taking the time to plan out your event will make the host or subject matter experts feel at ease during the live streaming event.  You may even wish to have a stage manager calling the shots with a communication system in the ears of the talent and crew.

5. Lights, camera, action

Don’t forget lighting.  One thing that can easily kill audience engagement is poor lighting.  It’s almost as bad as poor sound.  The talent should be evenly lit, without nose or chin shadows.  For this type of filming it is best to use big, bright soft light sources that eliminate harsh shadows.  Back lights are important as well to separate the talent from the background and appear more life-like on the monitors.  Without proper lighting, your video will look flat and uninteresting.

As you can tell, there is a lot more to live video streaming than just plugging some cameras into a computer.  CinemaViva is well versed in all facets of live video streaming.  We hope this article has been helpful and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about planning your next live video stream.


CinemaViva completes short film “We All Need Someone.” – View the trailer!

CinemaViva has just wrapped up their new short film “We All Need Someone.”  It’s a dark, yet romantic comedy that explores why we stay in toxic relationships.  The film also focuses on how each person in a relationship can have conflicting perceptions of reality as well as differing perspectives about love and life.

Logline: Pedro and Lacey love each other, but he has been acting strangely. His new imaginary friend isn’t helping their relationship either. After Lacey breaks up with him, Pedro is determined to get her back. How far will he go for love?

We All Need Someone Trailer

An all local cast and crew was used to shoot the film in the San Diego neighborhoods of Talmadge, Banker’s Hill and Balboa Park.  The film was blessed with excellent performances from the whole cast.  Veteran actor Joe Paulson was the perfect choice for the part of “Larry” while Rhianna Basore gave a spirited performance as “Lacey.”  Actress and filmmaker Marci Krown did a superb job as “Sheila,” Lacey’s nosey co-worker.  The film is rounded out with an original score by Elias Symons.

Currently, Executive Producer and lead actor, Horacio Jones is in the process of submitting the film to festivals.  He also wrote the film which is based on a true story in San Diego.  You can hear Horacio discuss his inspiration for the film by watching his interview on Confessions of Impact Entrepreneurs by Molly Lavik at 12 minutes and 30 seconds into the show.

For more information and updates, visit the Facebook page for We All Need Someone or the IMDB page.

Below is the full cast and crew list:


Executive Producer

Director of Photography


Written by


Rhianna Basore as Lacey
Horacio Jones as Pedro
Joe Paulson as Larry
Marci Krown as Sheila
Isaac Arreguin as The Stranger
Presley Roy as The Angel



Camera Assistant

2nd Camera

Production Assistants


Additional Colorist

Post Production Facility

Craft Services

Artwork provided by


Margarita Jones
Darin Anderson
Greg Maestro
The City of San Diego
Footage Firm, Inc.


Streaming Sundays #3 with Filmmaker Alain Legend Raymond

Southern California filmmaker Alain Legend Raymond joined Streaming Sunday’s host Horacio Jones to talk about his latest film.  “In Search of an Author” is a unique film in which the characters are trying to find their author.  Watch the full interview below to see the first section of his project.

After the film they talked shop and discussed editing and cameras.  Alain also gave some good advice to aspiring filmmakers towards the end of the episode.

Having worked for Universal/Nickelodeon Studios, MGM Studios, Scrim Gem in various capacities, Mr. Raymond business savoir-faire places him in a unique and advantageous position. After two combat tours in Iraq, and eight years in the US Navy, Mr. Raymond possesses the kind of leadership necessary to drive this company forward. His Medical training at Stanford University School of Medicine to be come a Physician Assistant has prepared him for life as a heart transplant PA-C at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles; the world’s largest heart transplant center. Now at the helm of his own company, he is driven to make MAP Entertainment a respected leader in the entertainment industry.


Streaming Sundays is a weekly streaming show designed as a simple platform for emerging artists, filmmakers, musicians and entrepreneurs to discuss and promote their products and art.  Horacio Jones is a local filmmaker and the the owner of San Diego Video Production company CinemaViva.  For over 20 years he has filmed and edited corporate videos, films and documentaries in California and Texas.  Mr. Jones is also an experienced classical guitarist and has recently started acting.  You can learn more about his work at

Streaming Sundays with Horacio Jones

Streaming Sundays with Bio-Architect Fernando Vossa

Last Sunday we had our first international guest! Bio-Architect and visionary Fernando Vossa skyped in from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  He spoke with host Horacio Jones about his revolutionary idea for a new type of building based on the principles of sacred geometry.  His project is called the VOSSAhedron.  Learn more about it by watching the video below.

Fernando Vossa has had an illustrious multi-disciplinary career as an Entreprenuer, Graphic designer, Healer and Bio-Architect.  He is always coming up with futuristic ideas and has  been a part of leading edge projects for brands such as Microsoft, Sony, GE and more.  Find out more about Mr. Vossa and his amazing work at the following links:

Facebook Groups : Domania, Center of Mass Creation
Facebook Page:

About Streaming Sundays:

Streaming Sundays is a weekly streaming show designed as a simple platform for emerging artists, filmmakers, musicians and entrepreneurs to discuss and promote their products and art.  Horacio Jones is a local filmmaker and the the owner of San Diego Video Production company CinemaViva.  For over 20 years he has filmed and edited corporate videos, films and documentaries in California and Texas.  Mr. Jones is also an experienced classical guitarist and has recently started acting.  You can learn more about his work at


Streaming Sundays – Confessions of Impact Entrepreneurs #2 with Molly Lavik and Scott Bobrow

Confessions of Impact Entreprenuers Episode 2 from CinemaViva on Vimeo.

In the second installment of Confessions of Impact Entrepreneurs, Molly Lavik interviews Scott Bobrow.  Scott is a partner in Solaris Entertainment, Space Odyssey and VR CON.  They discuss his involvement in a new video game called Space Odyssey which features world renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Scott also reveals his insight on how to create successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Molly and Scott also discussed their involvement in VR CON which will be held during Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego.  This year VR CON will feature over 6,000 square feet of interactive, immersive experiences that all ages can enjoy.  You can find more information about it here:

About: Confession of Impact Entrepreneurs is part of Streaming Sundays, a weekly streaming show designed as a simple platform for emerging artists and entrepreneurs to discuss and promote their products and art.  Molly Lavik remotes in from Redondo Beach every Sunday at 2pm for her show featuring entrepreneurs that are making a difference in the world. She is also the founder of Mentor InSight which is a consulting and media company that is dedicated to empowering access to success by providing the knowledge you need to super achieve via forums, panels and events.

Confessions of Impact Entrepreneurs

Case Study – Web Video Production for Startups – Rideplay.TV


Last year CinemaViva had the opportunity to help out a new local advertising company called Rideplay.TV.  Their platform is unique in that they offer in-car entertainment and advertisements in the back of rideshare vehicles like Uber and Lyft using tablets.  Here is the story of creating a web video production for them.


We met with the Rideplay team to determine who their target market was and what types of shots they needed.  They had a basic outline which we helped to codify.We decided that we should get film several people in the back of the car interacting with the tablet.  We also wanted to tell a story so we all decided it would be a good idea to get a couple going out on a date to show how typical experience using the Rideplay service.  Through a craigslist ad we hired a great actor and I called upon an actress that I had casted for a previous video to play the role of the girlfriend.


This was a really fun shoot with an adept crew and fantastic talent.  We all met at the harbor and spent a couple of hours riding around in the car with the extras.  Our friends and co-workers were happy to help out.  Then it was off to downtown to film at Petco Park with the 2 featured actors.  Since most of the shots were going to be in a car, I decided to use the DJI Osmo for this video.  It’s small, has a wide lens for tight places and stays very steady due to the 3 axis gimbal.

Post Production:

Since the video was already scripted editing went smoothly and according to plan.  It only took 2 revisions to get approval from the Rideplay team.  Once the picture was locked, I put out a casting call on Voice123 for a voice actress who did a fantastic job.


Like most web video productions, we sent them a final version that could be uploaded to their  Facebook and Youtube accounts. Once on YouTube, it is easy to place on a website with the Youtube embed code. The video is displayed prominently on their homepage.


Rideplay is off to a great start, they received a lot of press coverage and the video was even used in several news reports. See the report from the CW6 here.


“Cinema Viva is my go to source for web video production.  I use them over and over because the experience and results are always consistent.  The process is easy and Horacio does a great job providing direction.  Thanks Cinema Viva! – Greg Maestro, CEO –


Bacon & Eggs Slow Motion with Panasonic GH5


Here is a tasty test we did of the 180FPS slow motion function in the new Panasonic GH5.  It is the newest 4K DSLR that Panasonic just released on March 30, 2017.  This camera can film slow motion at 180 frames per second in HD and at 60 fps in 8bit 4K. I think the camera performs really well in HD and looks a lot better than the GH4 does in HD.

For this shoot we used the Sigma 18-35mm with the Metabones XL Speedbooster and a Manfrotto Monopod.  ISO was set to 200.  We used 2 Aputure Amaran lights for lighting.  There is still a lot to explore with this camera and we will continue to post cool footage as we keep experimenting with different settings.


The recipe is fairly simple:

  • Fry the bacon
  • Drain the grease or keep the grease in the pan for the eggs
  • Crack an egg or two and slip into pan over medium heat
  • When the whites are set, you can flip the egg(s) and cook to desired doneness
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with bacon, coffee, and fried tortillas (or toast) if desired
  • ENJOY!


Horacio Jones – Director