CinemaViva Tech Talks 6: Yolobox Pro Unboxing and Review

Yolobox Pro Review

In this episode I tested and the Yolobox Pro and set it up to live stream and record from multiple cameras. It’s an incredibly easy way to quickly deploy a livestream and you can even use it as a monitor for your camera.


The newest firmware upgrade includes some handy functions such as:

Video Cropping (Crop a video as a new video source with customized aspect ratio)

• You can now name overlays

• You can lock overlays with video sources

• All settings including video sources, Multi-views are saved while exiting a live stream event

• A new tab to see comments from all platforms

• Video and GIF as background for Multi-views

• You can now set border and color for all Multi-views

• Local video can loop or stop at the last frame when it completes playing

• Invite Guest feature optimized (Set guest name, video quality improved while switching)

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the Yolobox.  It’s a cinch to use and setup and so far it’s been very reliable.  I’ll need to test it out a lot more before replacing the ATEM with it, but it’s very promising and works well with my existing live streaming setups.  

Here’s my pros and cons


– Easy to setup

– Great user interface, easy to navigate

– Can double as a daylight viewable monitor

– Versatile inputs and outputs


– Noticeable audio delay when monitoring

– Limit on bitrate

– No ISO recording

Yolobox did send me this product to review, but they had no influence on the content of this video.

Click the link below to purchase Yolobox Pro from my affiliate link: