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We have been filming Cycles of Change since last May with the cooperation of the artists involved with the recent mural restorations.  The film crew from CinemaViva was there throughout the whole historic process and captured insightful interviews from pioneering artists Victor Ochoa, Guillermo Aranda, Salvador Torres, Mario Torero, Jose Cervantes, Thomas Castañeda, and Guillermo Rosetta.  By focusing on  the renovation of the first historical mural, Quetzalcoatl, we take viewers on an amazing journey through the 40-year struggle of a people who through the use of art, claimed their place in San Diego history by creating a park decorated by their own colorful and dramatic artwork.  It's a story of adaptation and renovation that will portray the transition from a barrio about to be demolished to the rejuvenation of a historic neighborhood led by these 7 visionary artists who refused to give up.



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After 40 years, the original artists of the Chicano Park murals, through a grant from Caltrans received the opportunity to re-invigorate the aging murals with new techniques, fresh ideas, and seasoned talent.  The documentary delves into the original artists' motives and aspirations to transform the park into a creative outlet for future generations, while maintaining it as a center for free expression.  This film is incredibly timely as older public art across almost every major US city is deteriorating and needs to be paid attention to before it disappears. The documentary brings this national issue to the forefront.  Additionally, as the original artists grow older like the murals, it is important to document their vision and involvement in the creation and restoration of the murals for the benefit of everyone who is moved by art.

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Production Team


Award Winning director, Horacio Jones, of CinemaViva HD Video Productions, and Co-Producer, Mario Torero lead this production.  CinemaViva is a full-service HD Video Production Company located in San Diego and has been an active part of the Latino community since it's inception. Last year, their Documentary "Chicano Legacy; 40 Years" won best documentary in the Barrio Film Festival.

Horacio Jones is a multi-faceted Video Producer, Director, and Editor. He is self-trained in film and video production, utilizing techniques he acquired through working with top video professionals in San Diego. Mr. Jones also studied classical guitar and composition and thus uses his musical skills to complement his work in the visual realm. He is committed to making socially conscious and inspiring films and documentaries that bring magic into peoples lives in fun and colorful ways.

Directors Statement


Making this documentary is important to me because it gives me a chance to document a historic part of the Chicano Culture and experience. It is my hope that this documentary will leave viewers with an appreciation for the struggles and conflicts Chicano artists had to overcome to make their artistic dreams come true and how they positively adapted to the constraints imposed upon them by the powers that be.  This documentary will also serve to highlight the importance of Chicano Park not only to San Diego, but worldwide.